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With warmer weather comes the urge to enjoy the outdoor life more – which also means more bumps and bruises, not to mention aching muscles. Treat them with Nelsons Arnicare, which contains natural arnica montana.

Spa setting showing the Nelsons Arnicare arnica cream range which helps heal bruises

With warmer days and longer evenings upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and be more active – and many of us are looking forward to doing more of our favourite sports. But whether you’re into running, cycling, even football or rock climbing, or prefer more leisurely activities like long walks in the countryside, this increased level of activity comes with a few risks. For example, there are around 50,000 sprained ankles in the UK every day. And even seemingly innocuous bumps, knocks and minor falls can leave us with painful and unsightly bruises – far from ideal when we’re showing off our legs in our favourite summer dress!

But why do we get bruises? And is there anything we can do to prevent or heal them? Well, simply put, a bruise is caused by any impact that damages the capillaries, those tiny blood vessels just under the surface of the skin. Blood then seeps from the capillaries into the surrounding tissues – hence the purple discolouration. Applying a cold compress will reduce the blood flow to the affected area, which can help reduce the size of bruises. You can also turn to the soothing effects of arnica, which is the star ingredient in Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Cream and Cooling Gel.

The natural power of arnica

Arnica montana is a fragrant plant noted for its large yellow flowers. Harvested from the mountain peaks and marshes of Europe and North America, it has a long history of use and is one of the best known homeopathic and herbal treatments. In fact, arnica montana has been recognised for its beneficial natural properties since the 16th century.

Nelsons Arnicare Arnica cream contains Arnica montana and is a traditional herbal medicinal product for the symptomatic relief of bruising, exclusively based on long-standing use as a traditional remedy. It’s an ideal first aid product to keep on hand, in case you find yourself with bumps and bruises this summer. But don’t just take our word for it – 90% of Arnicare users said it helps reduce swelling and pain from bruising*. Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Cream is suitable for everyone – adults, the elderly and children – and is available in 30g and 50g tubes. Always read the label.

Gym setting showing Nelsons Arnicare arnica soothing gel for tired muscles

Soothe tired muscles

Another side effect of increased physical exertion – especially if you’re getting back into exercise having not been active for a while – is tired, heavy and aching muscles. Perhaps you’re pushing your body to the limits training for a 10k run, or even a marathon? Maybe you’re just enjoying playing tennis in the sunshine or maybe getting a bit more physical in a game of football. Whatever your activity, it all takes its toll on the body. And this is where Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel could help.

Perfect to massage into your muscles after physical exertion, Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel combines arnica montana with the zesty sensation of natural grapefruit oil and menthol to soothe and refresh. Put it in your kit bag to use after a workout, or keep at home to revive tired legs after being on your feet all day. Simply apply liberally and rub in to help refresh and revive tiredness and aches. Suitable for the whole family, it’s ideal for athletes, is non-sticky and non-greasy, and contains no artificial colours or fragrances.

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*Quick Poll May 2019 research among 125 respondents

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